“Transformation at pace and scale”

“Transformation at pace
and scale”

VC and PE Portfolio Transformation

BC Transform provides a particular service to corporate investors in the form of a proven team who may be deployed at short notice, either as a whole or as any combination of individuals to accelerate the investor’s goals for their portfolio company.

Alongside the superstars and trusted lieutenants, almost every management team will include sub-prime individuals.  These managers might simply be counting down the days till their exit. Alternatively, they might harbour such deep and genuine attachment to the past that that they can never subscribe to any new philosophy or change of focus. With an older business, some individuals are likely to have found themselves on the senior management team through length of service rather than any particular drive, skill or success.

Of course, a portfolio company destined for total integration into the parent might not even retain any of the original management team to start with. However, this phase between acquisition and integration still demands robust local leadership, with the introduction of standard operating processes and a shift in mind set and focus of both clients and employees alike.

Investors typically approach such scenarios in one of three ways: call on some trusted mates, redeploy staff from elsewhere in the organisation or go out to the market and recruit.  Each option brings inevitable delay at a point when time is of the essence. And, if the trusted mates are not available, there is material risk that the internal or external recruits will simply not work out and the vital team dynamic is lost.

BC Transform offers a rapid, low-risk and particularly flexible alternative.

We are an entire management team representing every board and operational function of a major business.  Our team members have worked together before, more than once, and they trust each other implicitly. Each brings excellent credibility and available references having worked through major and highly successful acquisition, integration and disposal journeys from both the investor’s and the acquired’s perspective.



The benefits of this model are simple and easily measured.  Under a single contractual agreement, you have access to a proven team who have done it all before, have done it together, and have done so more than once.  This is an entirely disposable, but robustly reliable resource that you may deploy as an entire team or pick and mix any combination of skills as and when required.

This means:

  • no delay or risk associated with putting recruits in place
  • no baggage or history to get in the way of the investor’s goals
  • no necessity for PAYE or long-term commitment
  • immediate focus upon priority areas
  • accelerated investor’s goals
  • speed, flexibility and materially reduced risk.

Contact BC Transform for an informed, but informal discussion if you are responsible for a portfolio company that demands additional focus upon:

  • integration & standardisation
  • best practice & standard operating procedures
  • sales & revenue predictability
  • sales & marketing ramp up
  • technical review
  • product strategy & delivery
  • chargeable utilisation
  • shared services
  • legal & commercial regeneration
  • transparency & governance (ISO, ITIL, IGSoC etc.)
  • DD (acquisition or exit)

BC Transform are happy to engage upon a short-term expedient basis or to commit to an entire journey through to disposal and, because not wo projects are the same, to negotiate any combination of consultancy fees, equity or management buy in model.

We provide our initial observations and recommendations at no cost and with zero obligation.