“If you need to add one or more key members to your team for a short period of time….”

“If you need to add one or more key members to your team for a short period of time….”

Interim Executive Service

There are many scenarios in which a client organisation will find itself short of a key executive for a particular project or for a specific period. Of course, the requirement is often to provide cover for a full-time employee during a period of sickness or maternity. However, there are also many operational situations whereby a specialist role is required either because no full-time employee exists or indeed because a full-time role needs to be supplemented with additional trusted resource.

BCT Interim Executives are sufficiently experienced and qualified to allow them to get up to speed fast. They will make an immediate contribution either by freeing your full-time staff to concentrate upon a particular activity or indeed by leading a specific programme or process themselves. They become part of your team, operate according to your principals and chase your specific business goals.

Examples include: sickness and maternity cover

  • additional senior resource to ease unusual peaks of business activity
  • scale up / roll up and rapid growth
  • preparation of business plans and business transformation plans
  • contesting legal disputes
  • crisis management
  • preparing to generate and support business growth
  • preparing for sale or acquisition
  • integrating acquired businesses / products / teams
  • team recruiting / team building
  • onboarding a major new client
  • opening new offices / new markets
  • revising key business functions
  • seeking ISO and other accreditations
  • executive training / mentoring

BCT Interim Executives have each individually held highly successful full-time board positions in their designated roles and bring a hands-on approach to getting the job done. They are, by nature, results-focused individuals who are well aware of the interplay between business teams and departments as well as all the logistical and financial pressures which drive a business.

We are able to offer expert, approachable individuals to fill the following roles:

  • Interim Managing Director
  • Interim Sales Director
  • Interim Operations Director
  • Interim Marketing Director
  • Interim Legal Director
  • Interim Professional Services Director
  • Interim CTO / CIO
  • Interim HR Director
  • Interim Facilities Director
  • Non Executive Chairman

If you need to add a robustly reliable senior member of staff to your team for a defined period, contact BC Transform today to discuss how we may assist.