“A safe pair of hands – even when keeping lots of plates spinning at the same time”

“A safe pair of hands – even when keeping lots of plates spinning at the same time”

Change Programme Management

Any programme of transformational change will include a number of critical and interdependent streams of activity. These clearly need to be controlled in terms of dates, deadlines, who does what and when. Moreover, the various projects must also be coordinated in the context of their impact upon each other, the transformation project itself and, critically, upon the business overall.  It is therefore not enough for each project activity to simply achieve its specific stated goals.

Some people do not like change, that’s just part of the human condition.  Therefore the perception and aspirations of teams and individuals must be managed when a project cuts across historic brand, departmental, reporting and hierarchical boundaries. It is crucial that all staff members are contributing at their maximum effectiveness, so the cultural challenge of winning the hearts and minds of your team may very well need to represent a material stream of activity in its own right.

In parallel, the image that you give to your clients, competitors and any industry commentators must also be managed and monitored. You must take the opportunity to gain every positive news opportunity from your change process, whatever it might be. So feeding your external observers the correct messaging is a vital requirement.

One of the greatest challenges faced by a business undergoing strategic change is to maintain traditional levels of service and a business as usual run rate despite the disruption and diversion of change that is underway. This is likely to require careful management to ensure that client and prospect expectations are set appropriately, plus agile and timely deployment of all available resources onto key tasks in strict order of priority.

Countless internal and external factors also come into play, making it essential for a single individual to maintain a clear overall vision of the global picture and to report accurately to the board whilst directing all contributing streams. This therefore represents a senior role that must be undertaken by an individual with sufficient business acumen and gravitas as well as the requisite organisational skills.

With any complex programme of change, the scale of this role will typically demand a full-time Programme Manager for the duration of the programme and often into the post change period as well.

BC Transform will advise regarding the requirements and components of the role.  In the event that you not have the internal bandwidth or skill sets, we will also help by providing a robustly experienced individual to fill the role upon a deployment and billing basis to suit your business.

A BCT Programme Manager will have experience of managing at board level programmes of radical and wholesale change in complex business scenarios. Acting as part of your management team, they will own the umbrella vision of the programme to ensure that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts whilst freeing their full-time colleagues to concentrate upon operational and tactical activities.

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