“Under a single contract – we are able to call off sales, legal, marketing and financial expertise as and when we need it”

“Under a single contract – we are able to call off sales, legal, marketing and financial expertise as and when
we need it”


BC Transform operates in many verticals; however, the team presents particular core expertise in the following sectors:

Not for Profit

Whether you are a third sector organisation or a supplier to NFP arena, you face a number of unique legal and commercial challenges alongside the specific regulatory and reporting constraints that govern this sector.

BC Transform brings many years of hands-on third sector experience, key staff having worked with many household name charities and all types of membership organisation both in the UK and overseas.

Involvement ranges from fundraising technology and methodology, through systems integration, platform modernisation and all the practical and contractual implications of procurement, purchasing and fund management in this highly-regulated industry.


Three key drivers define business in the NHS and its extended supply chain:

  • Service Excellence
  • Compliance
  • Cost Efficiency

The implications of these overlapping and often competing goals are clearly enormous and mean that a highly specific set of legal and contractual obligations govern both NHS service providers and all their suppliers.

BC Transform staff have many years’ of experience in this sector, particularly so with respect to Information Governance and the management of risk and security associated with patient-identifiable information. Indeed, many of our team are NHS IG SoC certified in their own right.
We additionally bring a great deal of expertise in terms of the complex NHS procurement processes and the negotiation of purchase and supply contracts at both a local and national level.

BC Transform maintains a valuable network of contacts and collaborative relationships across the sector. We may provide authoritative advice and practical assistance with any technical, operational, commercial and contractual project in the UK Health and Care space.

*NB – whilst we do have practicing clinicians on the team, BC Transform is not a clinical service provider.


The BC Transform team exhibits a great degree of expertise in terms of growing and running technology businesses from startup, through growth to merger or acquisition.

Every key operational function is represented in the team, meaning that you may confidently take one senior individual to fill a temporary position or an entire project team to pick up and manage a specific programme of change.

This broad experience spans all technical, commercial and legal aspects of:

  • Software development
  • Software resale & distribution
  • Hardware manufacture
  • Hardware resale & distribution
  • Mobile technologies & communications
  • Outsourcing and managed service offerings
  • Data centre design and operation
  • Big data and analytics
  • IT service & support

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