BC Transform consulting members have been successfully deployed in a particularly broad range of projects that vary greatly in terms of sector, topic, scale and complexity.

As part of our pre–engagement exercise we will always introduce pertinent referees, however, the following examples offers an indication of how and where we engage:

Activity:Management Buy Out – Preparation & Fundraising

Sector:IT (Software Authors)

Scenario:£3.5M Turnover. Owner-manager looking for retirement exit

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Activity:Embedded Sales & Marketing Director

Sector:IT (Database Technologies)

Scenario:Entrepreneur-led high tech business in early start up activity

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Activity:Management of Extraordinary Major Bid

Sector:Leisure (Outdoor Activities)

Scenario:£1.5M Turnover. Major tender situation. No senior sales resource.

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Activity:Refinement of Major Bid Process


Scenario:£8M Turnover. Total dependency upon winning public sector bids

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Activity:Establish Export Agents

Sector:Microwave Technology

Scenario:£2.5M UK turnover seeking export opportunity.

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